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Deaconess North Emergency Center is Now Open!

8202 N. Division Street, Spokane, WA 99208

The first of its kind in Spokane and northeast Washington, the freestanding emergency department offers:

  • Faster access to emergency care in northern Spokane
  • Convenience (will be open 24/7)
  • Board-Certified Emergency Physicians, Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses
  • Complete range of emergency diagnostic and treatment resources
  • Imaging including digital X-ray, CT scanning and Ultrasound
  • Clinical laboratory for on-site testing
  • 15 private treatment rooms and two triage rooms
  • 24/7 security desk at the entrance

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a freestanding emergency center?

Deaconess North Emergency Center is an emergency room just like any ER in a hospital—except it is not attached to a hospital. The staff will be available to treat patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency and urgent medical conditions. Deaconess North Emergency Center will have board-certified emergency room physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses along with the same diagnostic equipment found in most emergency rooms.

The 15-bed emergency center includes laboratory services and advanced imaging capabilities including digital X-ray, ultrasound and CT.

Deaconess North Emergency Center is a department of Deaconess Hospital and a part of Rockwood Health System. It offers emergency care, but has no inpatient (overnight) beds.

Is Deaconess North Emergency Center like an urgent care?
Deaconess North Emergency Center can treat more serious conditions than an urgent care. Unlike most urgent cares, Deaconess North Emergency Center provides full emergency services 24/7 and treats patients by walk-in or by ambulance.

What conditions can a freestanding emergency department treat?

Deaconess North Emergency Center is prepared to treat a wide variety of serious illnesses and injuries, including severe chest pain, severe allergic reaction, severe respiratory distress, broken bones, cuts requiring stitches, concussions and other conditions.

What insurance plans does Deaconess North Emergency Center accept?

Since Deaconess North Emergency Center is a department of Deaconess Hospital, it accepts the same insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and most insurance plans.

What if I have to be admitted to a hospital?
In cases where patients come to the Deaconess North Emergency Center with conditions that require hospital treatment, we will be prepared to begin important initial treatment and stabilization and then will transfer them to a hospital.

*Patient may be transported to their hospital of choice or to the closest hospital depending on the patient’s condition. Transfer costs to facilities other than Deaconess Hospital may be the responsibility of the patient.